Caregivers, and families

through Civil Rights Activism, Education, civic engagement, Pro Se Parent Support and charitable events

At Wings of Mercy Parent's Advocacy Group, we’re raising awareness about the much-needed reform of juvenile courts across the world in some of the following ways:

  • Cause-Focused Fundraising

  • Peaceful Demonstration

  • Political Lobbying

  • Promoting Initiatives & Collaborations

  • Relevant Legislative Lobbying

  • Referrals for Court Advocacy/Parent Partner 

  • Grievance/Complaint Writing

  • Civil Rights Education to help those who need it most. With the help of a myriad of partnerships, sponsors, and affiliates, we offer access to an array of projects, fundraising events, online workshops & community events aimed toward empowering parents with knowledge of their inalienable rights, a sense of unity and camaraderie, and most of all, support & compassion when they need it most.  


  • Every parent's voice matters, and with many volunteer projects available, we welcome you to join our efforts aimed at making the world a better place, one law, one family, and one corrupt court at a time.


Educate, Empower, Engage

Since our inception, March 31st, during the global pandemic of 2020, Wings of Mercy Parents Advocacy has been working hard behind the scenes in our community.  Through community engagement, social media, and charitable events, we strive to promote civil rights awareness and provide comprehensive advocacy for parents.  In the noble pursuit of justice for families, we can help protect your rights. While there is always more that can be done to help those in need in our community, there’s no doubt that we are making a significant impact.  For those who have a knack for seeing the bigger picture, and want to take part in the kind of social reform and community restoration that we do, there's a place for you at Wings of Mercy Advocacy.  See how you can make an impact and become part of the difference.

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As the reform of the Child Welfare and Family Court is our primary objective, legal action is our best recourse. 

Join our growing parent alliance in our demand for justice within family court, child welfare agencies and forensic evaluators

Join us in a growing National Movement to reform Family Courts everywhere, starting with our own communities.